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AD’A’s concept is designed  around the traditional structure of the “Art Bottega” of the Renaissance.The “Art Bottega” was the place where all mediums of art were integrated and the artists worked together in their different disciplines which allowed them to exchange information, techniques, and inspiration.We create the same environment here at AD’A with the open floor plan, in which all of the arts converge. It is our ultimate belief that the arts must work together in harmony.AD’A offers courses taught by professional artists with the intention of assisting our students in developing ancient and contemporary techniques, offering a complete vision of the art world, and inspiring creativity.The learning method is personalized with one-on-one instruction with the professor and student, because we believe it is important that every student in art should develop their own unique vision. Our goal is to provide students with all the necessary skills so that they can develop and define their own personal style.

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