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Experimental Drawing is the class uses Drawing in its many different aspects and methods: Measuring, proportions, fast sketching, etc. It will be possible to analyze different drawing methods and at the same time to experiment with different techniques and media, and their specific qualities (pencil, ballpoint pen, brush drawing, etc.)

Experimental Drawing

€ 35,00Price
  • The lessons will cover:
    Still life drawing
    Tonal values
    Chiaroscuro: cross-hatching\shading
    Textures and materials
    Different media: Pen, pencils, etc.
    Examples of the masters’ styles
    Eventual other topics according to the student


    • Pencils
    • Bic pens (ballpoint)
    • Synthetic or soft brushes in general
    • Fine-tipped, soft brushes (synthetic or watercolors)
    • Charcoals
    • Bread gum (soft)
  • Since this course is completely customized to each student style, it’s only available under Private Lessons.

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